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Our Story

Madero Ocean Club is a lifestyle brand that combines the elements of food, entertainment, music and fashion, where every concept plays their unique part. We are located at the Mambo Beach Boulevard and are one of the most stylish, entertaining, and exclusive beach clubs of the Caribbean. 

Be a full-day guest at Madero Ocean Club and merge from relaxed daytime lounging around our pool or at the beach, to casual chic night life in our restaurant or at the bar. With weekly events and restaurant specials there is always something for everyone. 

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Lay down on our beautiful white beach, while being surrounded by palm trees and positive vibes. Relax in an ambiance that is calm, harmonious, and peaceful, while having your feet dangling in our king-size pool.

As the afternoon wears on, the bar’s exquisite cocktails and vibrant music create the perfect setting for a stunning sunset.


After sunset our stylish restaurant transforms into pure casual luxury. We would like to invite you to experience a great selection of different taste explosions. Enjoy!


Passion, ambition and creativity are the keywords of our kitchen staff. We thrive to work with local produced ingredients. For example, we work with fish from the local fishermen and locally farmed veggies.


On Sunday we brunch with all our loved ones. Between 11am and 3pm you can order unlimited from a great à la carte brunch menu. During the brunch we have live entertainment.

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Our bartenders are highly trained to let your taste buds experience some sensational combinations. Of course we serve standard cocktails but besides that we have some specials you'll definitely have to try.

We also offer a wide wine range, with great wineries as Salentein, Aaldering and Saint Claire. Every month you can join us for an exclusive wine night where you can enjoy the best wines, paired with shared dining dishes. 

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